My Favourite Youtube Sensation

If you haven’t seen an episode of Breakfast at Sulimay’s I am so excited to expose you to it.  This web series consists of three retired Pennsylvanians who listen to newly released music and comment during breakfast at their local restaurant.  I was shown it a few years ago and have been obsessed since because it always makes me laugh.

Here's the gang. Bill,Ann and Joe.

Here is an episode where they critique Wilco’s self titled song, Wilco, and Dirty Projectors Stillness is the Move (and wonder if their music is ‘oriental’)

My personal favourite of these three characters? One might assume the heavy metal loving Ann, with her potty mouth, but the reviewer that wins my heart is Joe.  Some episodes he looks like he is falling into a coma, or maybe he just needs a series of small catnaps during his day?  All I know is that he has compared Eminem’s music to Gilbert and Sullivan (for those who have no idea what that is.  It’s opera.  I googled it) and I think it’s really cool when old older people don’t write-off/enjoy new music.

I'm still here guys. Alive and kicking.

Hope you enjoy the show.  Ta-ta for now, TTFN.

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