Wait & See

This is a pretty entertaining video done by New York duo Holy Ghost!.  It features the bandmates dads (pretending to be their younger sons, dressed as hipsters and playing instruments) which I found pretty funny.

[vimeo 22252822]

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It also made me think of my dad and all the funny things he does. My dad lived in Portugal until he was in his teens so English is not his first language and he still speaks with a bit of an accent.  But besides the instant hilarity that an accent grants someone, he is just naturally ridiculous which makes people think he is a comedian.


My parents are watching American Idol.

Puff Daddy is rapping his song Comin’ Home and my dad makes some comment asking why they would let rappers on a show like American Idol. Don’t worry dad, I’m questioning American Idol too. Why are they still playing this song, isn’t it like a year old now?? but anyways… My dad then freestyle raps to my mother and I (priceless), and mocks Puff Daddy.  Then as the performance continues he is suddenly curious and begins asking me a set of personal questions as if I’m Puff Daddy.  He then asks about ‘Puff Daddy’s best friend Shoe-pock Shaker’.

I start to laugh at this pronunciation fumble and spit out the food that I’m chewing…

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