Beastie Boys

I remember being younger and my summer goal was to be able to rap Intergalactic in its entirety.  I succeeded and no one cared (but me).  I still remember chunks of the lyrics and pretending I can rap via karaoke-ing rap music is just the most rewarding/fun thing ever.  If you don’t believe me you can catch Danny McBride, Seth Rogan and Elijah Wood lipsyncing to the Beastie Boys new song.  Here is a link to the incredible video of Fight For Your Right – Revisited and here (down below) are things that you will see in this video:

– Will Arnett getting pegged with a beer can
– Will Ferrell playing the cowbell
– A Delorean
– A pee fight?  and finally
– Police brutality

Here is also another song from their new album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two.

Say It – Beastie Boys

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