Bring me to the beach, Fergus & Geronimo

Credit: Aloha Friday

Watching all of those half-nude youngsters prance around Coachella made the situation here in Southern Ontario seem colder and bleaker.

So cold...

So, I brought this tune up from storage so that we could dust them off and enjoy a bit of warmth. And who knows warmth better than Texans? Fergus & Geronimo is a duo from Denton, Texas (yeah, I had to Google Maps it too). They’ve only been together for three years, but they’ve got a pretty solid thing going. Plus, they must be the only two musicians in the indie music scene that don’t cite Animal Collective as an influence.

From One Thirty Bpm:

The new Panda Bear record, do you think it is going to be good?

AS: I actually have no idea what that is.

Animal Collective?

AS: I’ve heard of them!
JK: Is the new Animal Collective record gonna be any good? I have no idea. Honestly, a few years ago I finally got around to listening to Animal Collective and I wasn’t feeling it and I haven’t really gone back since.
AS: You picked the two wrong dudes to ask about that band.

This track is from their summer 2010 album Never Satisfied. However, I’m quite confident that this song will leave you satisfied.

You’ll be quenched.



You want more? ‘Cause I’ve got a thesaurus at the ready and I’m here all night, baby. Wordplay is so sexy.

Turning BlueFergus & Geronimo

RIYL: Ducktails, Tame Impala, Cloud Nothings, Beach Fossils, Wild Nothing

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