April Fools? Or Solid Sentimental Music?

Lyndsay (my sister) pulled an April fools on me today so it reminded me of when we were kids and made me musically nostalgic (along with Katie posting about the music of her pre-adolescence).  So TGIF everyone, here is a musical flashback for Friday.

If I were to name you the three CDs my sister and I listened to throughout our childhood they would be the following:

Madonna – The Immaculate Collection
We used to listen to this one on Laserdisc… Do people even remember laserdisc anymore?

Gloria Estefan – Greatest Hits
It was shockingly difficult to find  a video of Gloria Estefan that would allow me to play it directly from the site.  But if you’d like to look at an incredible expression of the 80s in music video format please click HERE.

En Vogue – Funky Divas & Runaway Love

When Modern Family featured this song on their show I freaked out.  Also, remember when En Vogue made a ‘comeback‘ in the 90s, and I was a devoted BET viewer, and wearing a scrunchie was socially acceptable. That was the best.


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