Comme Un Enfant – Yelle


I just aced a job interview. To reward myself, I went to the campus bookstore to score a new pair of headphones, since the ones I’ve had since I was eighteen finally bit the dust (RIP you old clunkers).

I slipped the shiny, black headphones on and turned brand new track by Yelle: Comme Un Enfant. All of a sudden, I was in a Nissan, chugging a Smart Water, and BBMing everyone I knew.

Okay, not really. But it sounded like it, based on what I was listening to. Comme Un Enfant is so seriously catchy that it’s definitely going to be used for a commercial for a lumpy-shaped smart car or a wafter-thin cellphone in the next year or two. And with a symbol like this:

they’re just begging to be used by Mercedes Benz.

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