New Harbours Music Series: Timber Timbre & Slim Twig

New Harbours Music Series is putting on a show at the Centenary Church in Hamilton on April 7th with Canada’s Timber Timbre and Slim Twig.  Hopefully some of you will be able to check out the pay what you can show and enjoy some local music.

Event Info|Timber Timbre|Slim Twig

Black Water Timber Timbre

If you have never heard Timber Timbre, it is very reminiscent of Dead Man’s Bones.  Both are fronted by Canadian men, and have this erie romantic sound in their songs as if they live in a scary movie where the male lead is comfortably haunted by the love of his life’s ghost.  The thing that makes them especially similar in my mind is their use of (what sounds like) an organ, and the fact that I like both bands very much.  They do have things that make each band special and unique obviously but you will have to go see them live to fully appreciate that.

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