Weird Women: Goldfrapp, Fever Ray, and Lykke Li

"Fever Ray? It's your manager. Um, this is kind of awkward, but... the concert's starting. Can you take off the blanket? It's just that people paid to see you. No, I guess you're right. Being under a blanket right now makes perfect sense."

Fever Ray’s Website|Facebook|Myspace

MP3: SevenFever Ray

Theirs was a forbidden love, the owl and the slutty clown.

Goldfrapp’s Website|Facebook|Myspace

This creepy staring video is the best I could find for streaming.

MP3: Shiny and WarmGoldfrapp (Mediafire, but I put it up there, so it’s safe)

My fur jacket and my cigarette automatically make me cooler than you.

Lykke Li Website|Tour|Myspace

Sadness is my boyfriend. Sadness, I’m your girl.

Lykke Li, could you get any angstier?

MP3: Sadness Is a BlessingLykke Li

2 thoughts on “Weird Women: Goldfrapp, Fever Ray, and Lykke Li

  1. Good show this week–see you guys also started off the show w/ that Cut Copy song (soooooooo good, isn’t it?).

    If you’re looking for more weird gals, check out PJ Harvey’s latest, Let England Shake. I’m raving about it, and she’s an interesting character too.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Will do, Mike!
    The Cut Copy song was a request from my best friend, but I think it’s a great song. Such a nice builder.


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