Lotus Flower

After the letdown that Akron/Family delivered me at their show last night, here is the video for the new Radiohead single Lotus Flower.  I consider it my musical pick-me-up, particularly the dance moves at 1:48.

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6 thoughts on “Lotus Flower

  1. Hehe, were you one of the folks who left halfway thru the Akron show? I’m not a massive Akron/Family fan, so enlighten me–what sucked about it?

    I thought the openers, Delicate Steve, were half-decent, or at the very least, I enjoyed the sound they played around with for a while.

    • I didn’t want to bash the band in the post, but the concert was pretty bad. They just messed around on their instruments making noises while the crowd waited for a time that would never come of them playing a song with lyrics. We didn’t stay the whole show, and it was sad because we’ve seen them before and they were awesome.

    • re: Akron. The bands loved the cathedral, the people that came out, and all the really great people they met here in hamilton (both at the show and at the brain)

      it was a great night for those who wanted it to be a great night.

      Sasha, our music series is always looking for volunteers to join our volunteer committee. Sounds like you have some ideas and thoughts. Feel free to give us a shout, show up and help out.

      • sure!

        thompsmr AT gmail.com

        we have a show coming up in march at the cathedral during art crawl that we need some help with. give me a shout eh?

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