What has two thumbs and listens to Gold Panda?


THIS GUY. And by this guy, I mean me.

So I didn’t end up winning anything I actually bid for on eBay. Probably for the best, since I would have ended up looking like a sunblind Communist anyway. To cheer myself up, I put on some Gold Panda, a really awesome UK electronic music producer who makes the perfect music for slamming my white ass around the dance floor. I was re-acquainted with Gold Panda last night when the slow, high-pitched glitchiness of You crept onto the playlist of a party I was at.

So, in the spirit of winding down on a Sunday night, let’s browse through a few of my favourite Gold Panda songs, shall we? The rest of the beer-drinking world is out watching the Superbowl, but not me!

MP3: Same Dream China – Gold Panda Glistening, sticky beads of water running down the glass walls of a butterfly conservatory. A minute into the song, the butterflies start a rave, mid-flight. They unfurl their yellow tongues to lap at the nectar of spoiled fruit.

MP3: Vanilla Minus – Gold Panda
Knocking on your door. I left my textbook in your room again. You’re sleeping too soundly for me to wake you. I start kicking, but it doesn’t do any good. You’re passed out for the long-term. I might as well wait it out.

MP3: You – Gold Panda
Baby, I made you a mixtape. Please take me back.

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