Broken Social Scene

There is no doubt that Broken Social Scene is one of my favourite bands (if not favourite).  They’ve earned that title mostly because of the fact that they are so incredible to watch live. Their show almost exactly two Decembers ago at the Sound Academy ranks #1 on my favourite concerts of all time list. It had a surprise appearance by Isaac Brock (of Modest Mouse), who ended up playing a favourite of mine, Paper Thin Walls, and their performance of Good Time Are Killing Me was amazing to be part of when everyone sang together as it faded out.  And the balloon drop was really cool too — yeah, a balloon drop. Where balloons cascaded from the ceiling onto our heads, and the crowd bounced them around like it was someone’s Super Sweet 16.

Here is some nostalgia for those who witnessed this and some eye/ear candy for those who didn’t:

But to be more relevant, last night my concert compadre Erin and I went to the BSS show at the Sound Academy (this was our third time seeing BSS together). They have another one tonight and tickets are still available apparently for those interested.  Last night was no different from any other Toronto show I have seen of BSS.  I’ve never been to a show of theirs outside of Toronto, but something tells me we have the hometown advantage.

Broken Social Scene (Live) at Soundscapes – Superconnected
I guess the only way I could describe how much I enjoy seeing them live is that some concerts I’ve been to make me want to dance (Metric, Passion Pit), some put me in awe of musical ability (the member of The XX drum machine orchestrator- I hope you never get carpal tunnel) others make me a tad emotional (Matthew Good), but I’m always finding myself smiling after a BSS concert and never disappointed or bored and on top of that I also feel all those things mentioned above too.  When I see them, they look like they’re having a blast on stage, I love the songs, they’re incredible musicians, and they really enjoy giving the crowd a good show.

Last night Kevin Drew commented (before he gave the crowd a crowd surfing treat) on how they would play new and old stuff, but the motto for the night was just that they would play as much as they could for us.  And they did.  We heard a blend of new (Texico Bitches, All to All, World Sick, Sweetest Kill, etc.) and old (Guilty Cubicles, a Feist accompanied Almost Crimes, a preggers Amy Millan and Lisa Lobsinger Anthems of A Seventeen Year-Old Girl, and an It’s All Gonna Break encore).

You’ve got to have something special as a band to be able to play a repetitive song with no lyrics and still make it sound like magic…

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2 thoughts on “Broken Social Scene

  1. you didn’t use the “good times are killing me” from the show that we saw! ours had the better good times are killing me fade out at the end cus kevin drew goes ‘this towns a drunk! the good times are killing me…”

  2. yes, i just rewatched my video and our show was so much better – better crowd involvement AND you can see the balloons flying around – you should use my video instead :) lol

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