Girls, Central Services, and Wintersleep

Last fall, I fell in love with California’s Girls. Self-described as “gothic tropical” (they’re definitely a grungy Beach Boys re-incarnate) the band has very fittingly released a new album, Broken Dreams Club EP (2010), with a stand-out song that sounds as bright and jangly as freshly-squeezed guava juice. Thee Oh So Protective One sways like a palm tree dancing to mariachis.

MP3: Thee Oh So Protective One – Girls

Another great track off the EP is Alright. It has the pseudo-tough, subtly-danceable vibe that drew me to Girls in the first place.

MP3: AlrightGirls

RIYL: Wavves, Wild Nothing, Surfer Blood

Earlier this year, I was pawing through the CFMU music library for new cds to check out when I spotted the self-titled album of unsigned Seattle band Central Services. It’s Not My Day (Hey, Hey) is one of the most delightfully gentle, persuasive, indie-rock ballads I’ve ever heard. It remains my favourite song on that album and I look forward to when they put out a new record in the future. Check out Hey Hey here.

RIYL: Loney Dear, The Shins, Papercuts

And now for something COMPLETELY different. Nova Scotia’s Wintersleep reminds me of a modern-day R.E.M. whenever I listen to lead singer Paul Murphy’s echoey, twangy vocals. Echolocation caught my attention because it transported me to high school days of listening to Death Cab for Cutie. Echolocation, from Wintersleep‘s album New Inheritors (2010), instantly reminded me of Death Cab for Cutie’s Stable Song from Plans (2005). I’d link you to Stable Song too, except I find it to be incredibly whiny. However, I do like Echolocation, because it feels like the perfect song for a mild Canadian winter: rainy, cloudy, and reminiscent of better days.

RIYL: Black Mountain, Interpol, Holy Fuck (same drummer!)

MP3: Echolocation – Wintersleep

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