Tis the season

EDIT: The link to the Sufjan song is now working again!

…For alternative Christmas songs!

There’s nothing that I like more than original Christmas songs to break up the massive amounts of over-processed mall jingles. Here are some of my holiday favourites.

MP3: Just Like Christmas – Low
What a feel-good, warm Christmas this song conjures! This track brings together everything I love: cheery sleigh bells, the simplicity of a chorus full of chords that are begging to resolved, and a nodding drumbeat. It’s a little bit lo-fi, but so was my childhood.

MP3: Star of Wonder – Sufjan Stevens
I really like how this tracks dissolves into electronic gurgling. It sounds like an icy stream flowing over frozen rocks. Classic Sufjan vocals too: delicate, paper-thin, and carefully layered. The best part? “I see the stars coming out there, coming out there to the yard.” I dare you to listen to this song and NOT get that hook stuck in your head.

No Christmas For Me – Zee Avi

My roommate Laurie introduced me to Zee Avi last year. I think she’s just about the sweetest thing around! (both Zee Avi and Laurie). I’d love to go to a Christmas party where Zee Avi is playing this song: we could all be sitting around the tree with our hands wrapped around mugs of hot, spiced milk and our mouths full of decimated gingerbread house. We could play footsies in Kodiak socks pulled up over pink long underwear.

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