I was poking around the blog of a local jewelry designer that I like and I found out about The Jouissance Project.

    “The Jouissance Project aims to draw a diverse ensemble of artists together in order to create a series of spectacular, inter-disciplinary exhibitions.”
    Melissa Clemente, Toronto jewelry designer and artist

    “The music for Jouissance is my attempt to capture the varying emotions of a relationship in short bursts – like a journal. It moves between accord and discord, melancholy and giddiness, contemplation and carelessness, confusion and clarity. Through different composition and mixing techniques, my intent is to imply a sense of dialogue.”
    Matt Davis, Toronto composer and audio engineer

I can understand why Melissa decided to collaborate with musical artists to create a soundtrack for her work. I myself have to put on the right kind of music to be inspired to work with certain mediums. Throughout history, art and music have become so intertwined that it’s safe to say that they have a committed relationship; Jouissance just serves to showcase it.

All of the tracks from the album can be found here. I strongly recommend listening to the entire 32 minutes when you’re sitting in bed one rainy night.

Track 6 is my favourite and features vocals by Samantha Jade and acoustic drums by Joel McConvey.

MP3: Track 6 – Matt Davis

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