The Migrant’s “Travels in Lowland”

The Migrant is an unsigned Danish six-piece fronted by Bjarke Bendtsen, or “Mr. Migrant”, as he likes to call himself. Their first album, Travels in Lowland was released in August 2010 and the band is currently experiencing the joys of touring in Europe and North America. In fact, they’re coming to Toronto to play with Kate Nash at the Phoenix Concert Theatre on November 13th.

Nothing But Clues is my favourite track off of Travels in Lowland; it reminds me of the autumn walks I like to take with my dog Clara.

And here are two other tracks off of the album; In the Sun, a charming violin-swaying waltz, and The Organ Grinder, a soft but powerful builder that starts slow and ends sweet (I’m a sucker for songs that remind me of The Littlest Hobo‘s credits).

MP3: In The Sun – The Migrant

MP3: The Organ Grinder – The Migrant

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