MBF Reader Appreciation

Music Between Friends has reached 130 posts! To celebrate this and our six-month birthday as a blog, today’s post is all about Reader Appreciation. Here are some great songs, because sharing awesome music is what MBF is all about.

From Kick Kick Snare, here’s an excellent RAC Remix of Love Whiplash by LA’s relatively unknown Jayme Dee.

MP3: Love Whiplash (RAC Remix) – Jayme Dee

Also from Kick Kick Snare, slow it down with How You Hold Your Arms by Callers, a sensual three-piece that channels the vocal stylings of Zooey Deschanel of She and Him.

MP3: How You Hold Your Arms – Callers

From Quiet Color, drift back with Drumheller, a remnant of Caribou‘s Milk of Human Kindness days.

MP3: Drumheller – Caribou

And finish it all off with Difficult by Uffie, an adorable female rap song that combines electronic with hip hop, taken from Kick in the Peanuts.

MP3: Difficult – Uffie


2 thoughts on “MBF Reader Appreciation

  1. Congrats! Happy 6mo! I used that Cut Copy track on our show last night, and credited you with me hearing it. Keep up the great work! Talk to you soon

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