HEY, LITTLE SPROUT! The Harvey Girls

There’s nothing like a good dance tune in the morning. I was sitting at the breakfast nook, sifting through songs and eating honeyed toast when I gave a little listen to Hey, Little Sprout – and wham, bam! I’m dancing in the kitchen. Or as much as you can be dancing with honey dripping down your wrist.

The Harvey Girls took their name from the waitresses who served traveling customers at Harvey House chain restaurants along the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroads. Based on the origins of their name, you’d think that this male/female twopiece would sound all Wild West-y and folksy. False. The Harvey Girls are all about cute bubblegum pop wrapped in a little leather jacket.

MP3: Hey, Little Sprout – The Harvey Girls

RIYL: Lawrence Arabia, Darwin Deez

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