Video Smackdown: Tegan and Sara’s Alligator [Original] VS [Passion Pit]

Although I’m not a regular, heavy-handed fan of Calgary sister-act Tegan and Sara, I do have strong appreciation for their track Alligator, which came out in October 2009 on the album Sainthood released from the label Sire. Recently, I was schmoozing around the internet and I saw two versions of their music video; one for the original track, and one for the Passion Pit Remix. I have to say, I like them both! Side note: how many times can you remix a song before you get tired of interpretations? The running tally of remixes of Alligator by popular indie acts is nearing (if not surpassing) 20.


The original looks like a whacked-out version of a Gap commercial where all of the dancers are facing the wrong way and wearing the clothes on the wrong parts of their body. Fantastic, obviously.


I just cannot get the colourful images of the song’s lyrics (circa this video) out of my brain. This video is what inspired the post. So yeah, I think I like this video too.

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