Summer Nighttime Playlist 2010 (mp3s)

The sun pours golden honey all over the lawn.
MP3: Hoppípolla- Sigur Rós

The honeysuckle opens; the sky is lilac.
MP3: Fireweed – Patrick Watson

The moths come out and are bumping against the porch light.
MP3: The World Was Made for Men – The Ghost of a Saber-Toothed Tiger

I dip my feet in the pond and push aside lily pads and water striders.
MP3: I Wouldn’t Need You – Norah Jones

I get the regular ten o’clock creeps, right on schedule.
MP3: I Live With You – Grizzly Bear

I turn the bedcovers down. The candles are still warm and smoking.
MP3: Pitter Patter Goes My Heart – Broken Social Scene

And slumber comes easily, especially when everyone else is already asleep.
MP3: Motion Picture Soundtrack – Radiohead

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