Late bloomer

Ok, so you know when you have one friend that all of a sudden gets really into a band that you’ve known about for years?

And then that friend won’t stop playing that band everywhere they go because they are trying to cram in years of lost listening time?


My name is Katie, I am a late bloomer fan of Canadian indie rock music.

Two years ago, I uploaded the entire discography of Toronto’s Broken Social Scene onto my computer, but for whatever reason, I just wasn’t ready to listen to them – so onto my external harddrive and out of my iTunes library they went for the next two years.

I’m not sure what it was about my recent music taste that has made me more prepared to listen to and appreciate BSS (Perhaps it was playing their newest album Forgiveness Rock Record on repeat; I suspect that listening to Caribou had something to do with it too). But now I’m ready to love Broken Social Scene like the rest of you. Sniff sniff.

So where did all of this recent spurt of BSS love come from? Last week, I broke up with my boyfriend and something inside of me insisted that I give Broken Social Scene another try. And what do you know? GOSH DARN IT, that beautiful band just seemed to speak to me in all the right ways. They were exactly what I needed and I don’t think they could have come at a better time.

MP3: Guilty Cubicles – Broken Social Scene


This week, I’m feeling a lot lighter and I’ve been trading favourite songs with all the people I work with at the UM. My friend Davey seemed flabbergasted that I had never really listened to The Most Serene Republic, so he insisted that I get into them. It won’t be hard, considering this kind of brilliance is what they produce:

MP3: Vessels of a Donor Look – The Most Serene Republic

Heritage moment.

The morals of today’s post?

There’s just nothing like listening to Canadian music to make you feel incredibly proud of what our country can do.

And whatever the reason for my Late Blooming, I’m so glad I understand what I’ve been missing all these years.

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