Cary’s post about past and present summer songs made me want to post some of my favourite summery songs. Here are just a few:

The Drums single Let’s Go Surfing (notice how reading Cary’s posts also taught me how to properly reference songs).  There are a few versions in that player, the first is the original.  It’s off their Summertime! (how fitting) EP I think it came out in 2009, but it will be one of my summer 2010 jams.

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The Causers of This album by Toro y Moi has summer written all over it. The song I chose was Talamak because it has a funkier beat to it, plus I’m a sucker for cute lyrics: “Make another telephone call, think of you and me”.  If  I could write the back-stories to songs, Talamak would be about the boy counterpart  to Broken Social Scenes girl from Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl. The lyrics “Park that car, drop that phone, sleep on the floor, dream about me” just match up well with it.  It would make an adorable movie montage … barf

For the summer songs you want to dance to, go to Kid Cudi, or at least the people who remix his songs. The David Guetta remix of Memories and (my favourite) Steve Aoki’s remix to Pursuit of Happiness have been staples on any iTunes playlist I’ve made, why stop this summer…

Kevin Drew’s Summertime Dues— I would save this one for a rainy day, mainly because it is a slow, somber song, but also because at the end the drums sort of sound like thunder.  You may have to listen to your music reasonably loud/on earphones to appreciate this.  Either way, Enjoy!

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