I am woman, hear me .rar

1. Sane – Fear Of Men
2. Female Vampire – Jenny Hval
3. Companion – Braids*
4. Katie I Know – Marissa Nadler
5. Sister – Angel Olsen
6. Pool Party – Julia Jacklin
7. In A Day – Pale Dīan
8. The Weatherman – Denial
9. Spalt – Shampoo Boy
10. Restore & Slip – Mind Over Mirrors
11. La Mamma – Jelly Bouche
12. Happy – Mitski



every day is a gift card


It takes a lot to get out of bed. Lift the sheets, fold them back, expose the skin. Step into the shower, icy at first, then scalding. Slip a little on the residue of conditioner but catch yourself on the window ledge with the chipping paint. Put on clothes that are appropriate for the season. Brush your teeth without your finger. Emerge triumphant from you apartment. You have conquered another day. You are alive.

1. Kowboy – The Cosmic Range*
2. After – Trevor Turple*
3. Hemiptera – SP3CT3RS*
4. First Farewell – An Ant And An Atom & Phisting Ass*
5. Containment – Zachary Gray*
6. Tierra Santa Con Montaña Rusa – Nick Kuepfer*
7. La pluie – La Fête*
8. Design of Success – Freak Heat Waves*
9. A2. All Black Fax (Telecom Caviar) – Eccinaccea*


🍊 ~“ have a nice day (experimental p⍥p mix) 💛


Perky pop, dreamy tape chop-n-screws, hopeless romantix, tender boïs.

1. Lawnmower – Macula Dog
2. Hermit – Cloud Becomes Your Hand
3. TVOD – Nots
4. Raga Kalavati – Charanjit Singh
5. DARK WEB 001 – Giant Claw
6. Nothing Ever – ((PRESSURES))
7. Heat Wave (Unknown)
8. Foreign Tapes – Fernando Javier Benavides
9. hell o tender – memo boy
10. So Easy – Paul Cherry
11. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (Unknown)
12. Kill The Dream – Jerry Paper
13. Born Too Late – Dent May
14. The Magician – Andy Shauf*
15. Give Me Something To Do – Good Morning
16. I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City (Harry Nilsson cover) – Makeout Videotape*
17. POLO (Unknown)
18. Sweet Dreams – Angel Olsen



I had written down all the information about this mix and then lost the paper. So if anyone knows the musicians behind Heat Wave, this Raindrops cover, and POLO, let me know. I know I’ll come across them again sometime, but Shazam is baffled.

The woman I want to be


I’m sitting in my underwear in an expensive hotel room that I didn’t pay for.

The sheets are white and soft and littered with skin cells. The blackout curtains are reluctant hands separating to allow grey and unremarkable light. My laptop is more responsive than I am.

I don’t DJ often. Only when I’m running shows. I’m not very good. Sometimes I drop the vinyl on the platter, lift the needle abruptly, fade in erratically. I fuck up.

There’s a woman I admire who is very good at DJing. Her outfits are from another, better planet. Her lipstick collection is an edible hex colour wheel. I admire her and I’m not very good at hiding it.

My friend Andy asked me to DJ for four hours at the Beaver in December. He knows I’m green as grass, but he doesn’t care. I’m not good at saying no, so I didn’t.

A mix is just music. Obviously. But it’s also one step closer to the woman I want to be.

1. Platonic – Haruomi Hosono
2. Lobotomy – Neon
3. Spacer Woman – Charlie
4. Between The Wars – Plus Instruments
5. Comprami – Viola Valentino
6. Operator – Tres
7. Personal Computer – Doris Norton
8. Take a Chance – Mr. Flagio
9. Laser – Laser
10. Necrosis En La Polla – Esplendor Geometrico
11. Morning Was Cold – Arthur Brown & Craig Leon


Listen: Blunt Chunks + Julianna Barwick @ The Tranzac Sept 17th 2016


Poster by the inimitable Julia Dickens.

Here’s a gorgeous 1-hour excerpt of Blunt Chunks & Julianna Barwick at Tranzac Club on Sept 17th. Moody, hypnotic, looped dreams.


Presented by Burn Down The Capital

JULIANNA BARWICK (juliannabarwick.bandcamp.com/)
Brooklyn vocalist and ambient electronic experimenter Julianna Barwick arrives in Toronto on the heels of her 3rd album “Will”. Barwick’s vocals are all encompassing, moving with the ease of a mesmerizing fog. Electronics whisper and flush, as her voice creeps around ever aural cavern. Almost merging with her flowering ambient structures, but always remaining an elusive presence. Don’t sleep on what is sure to be a powerful & moving performance.

BLUNT CHUNKS (bluntchunks.bandcamp.com/)
Spacey vocals & electronics swirl around you like a settling mist. Caitlin Woelfle-O’Brien’s voice soars & sways with multiples of itself, filling empty space like a it’s a cavernous church. Forlorn guitar notes shake in the cold night, glistening in the moon light. Music to keep close to your heart.