TGIF Playlist: August 22, 2014 – Birthday Edition

This is a celebratory TGIF Playlist, because it’s my birthday this weekend NBD or anything…

Katie made the coolest birthday themed post already, with the funniest gifs (check that our here). It warmed my little heart because I’ve got the best blog partner–which is like a life partner, but you don’t live together or share half your money and belongings with one another (I don’t know what a life partner is…).

So my post is made up of songs I’ll be adding to my “b-day play-list’ (the real name of my playlist on iTunes).  Hope you like it and have a great weekend!

LCD SoundsystemAll My Friends

  • I’m going to sound like a hippie, but this song has energy. No matter what you are doing, if you are playing All My Friends in the background, it’s suddenly more epic. To watch the last magical live performance of this song in New York City, click here, if you stick it out to the 4:50 mark you get the ‘do-do-do’ sing along :), love it.

LenSteal my Sunshine

  • As far as I’m concerned this a Canadian classic and it wouldn’t be a Sasha playlist without some throwbacks from the 90s.

Mac DeMarcoBye Bye Bye

  • Here’s to saying a goodbye to being 26, and a hello to 27 :|

Gorillaz - Crystallized (xx cover)

  • I guess this would be the slow jam section of the playlist, I just found out about this song so its getting a lot of love.

Majid JordanA Place Like This

  • Newly released, but sounds a lot like 90’s R&B, #swoon.

Andy BullTalk Too Much

  • This one is for all those people who sometimes wish they were the strong, silent type, but just end up being the goofy, over sharers at the party.

The Isley BrothersShout

  • Bringing the tempo back up with a little Isley Brothers, because it isn’t a party until all your guests dance in unison while singing “and a little be louder now!”.

Arcade FireAfterlife

  • My favourite song of 2013 for a reason, I’ll probably be doing weird arm dances/thrusts when this song comes on and I genuinely can’t wait to see them live next week- think something along the lines of this level of excitement.

Happy Birthday Sasha! (Katie’s favourite b-day tracks)






Here’s why Sasha is the coolest girl ever:

1) She has awesome hair


2) She has great taste in music


3) She has great taste in clothes

super model

4) She has a car and can drive me around


5) She tolerates me

kitten pounce 2

Here is some actual music.

Birthday Song – Frankie Cosmos (New York) BandcampFacebook | Twitter

“I hate everybody in this town. So I walk around with my head down. And sit alone.”

Ah, there’s nothing like good ole birthday depression to make you feel world-weary and friendless. But Sasha, don’t worry! We’ll surround you with so much love and cuddles on your actual birthday that you won’t feel like Frankie Cosmos singer/guitarist Greta Kline.


Birthday Card – Kate Sikora (Boonton) Bandcamp | Facebook

Moar 90s girl-rock goodness.


I Hate My Birthday  – Silver Dapple (Montreal) Bandcamp | Facebook

“I hate my birthday, I hate my parents, I do drugs.” False! WE LOVE OUR DNA HOSTS. Drugz R Dangerus. Stay in school.


Birthday (Beach Fossils Cover) - Minutos Musicales (Madrid) Bandcamp

This cover of Beach Fossils’s Birthday by Madrid’s Minutos Musicales is really lovely. Originally appearing on Beach Fossils’s 2013 album, Clash The Truth, Minutos Musicales takes out some of the fuzz and lightens it into fizz.


Planet Birthday Beverly (Brooklyn) FacebookTwitter | Soundcloud

Slightly scuzzy female 90s rock with a slammin’ repetitive bassline.



Indie-licious Tues August 19th 2014

1. Someone’s Got A Secret – Eola
2. Misery Mountain – Andy Boay
3. My Boat – Wyrd Visions
4. Beneath The Air – Absolutely Free
5. Braid. Wind Is Coming – tasseomancy
6. Twin Speaks – Jon McKiel
7. Are You Still There? – Old Smile
8. Other Ocean – Cousins
9. True Love – Tobias Jesso Jr.
10. Clay Pigeons (Blaze Foley Cover) – Michael Cera
11. Sunny (ft. Daniel Bejar) – Cowbell and Friends
12. Like A Ghost Is White – Renny Wilson
13. Gold Silver Diamond – Generationals


#ThrowbackThursday Music Edition

I feel like anything that isn’t posted immediately after it’s released (or leaked) in “indie” music is considered a throwback (hipsters can be pretty fickle) but I was taking a trip down my iTunes memory lane yesterday and wanted to put a post together of some of my favourite music that isn’t brand new, but I still love. Hope you enjoy it too.

We’re Going to be FriendsThe White Stripes (2002)

  • This song is the sweetest, I’ll never get sick of it.

Dig for FirePixies (1990)

  • If you ever need a reminder to persevere and follow your gut/dream, this would be a good song to play, it isn’t very long but the lyrics get me every time.

GhettoMusick – Outkast (2004)

  • A big highlight of my summer was watching Outkast live at OVO Fest. It was hit after hit after hit and I just feel lucky that I didn’t sell my first day ticket (I almost did :S). They were amazing and being in a crowd full of people who are having fun, dancing and shout-singing the same songs is something I’ll remember for a long time.

NYCInterpol (2002)

  • The fact that this song is 12 years old, blows my mind. I still remember the moment I heard NYC in high school, does that make me sound old. I dreamed of going to New York, and when I finally did– the city lived up to the idea the song put in my mind.

Canada vs. AmericaBroken Social Scene (2005)

  • I can’t say that this is my favourite Broken Social Scene song, but it always ends up on my playlists, so it’s definitely up there. It’s so fun to listen to and I’m such a sucker for the horns/all the other instruments in this song. Watching it live is taking it to another level, makes me happy just thinking about it.

That’s all, if I notice people loving the throwback maybe we will do more of these? Feel free to leave a comment with your favourite song below :)

This fan-made video for Com Truise’s 5891 is insanely good

Freelance LA-based cinematographer Marz Miller just created this eerily beautiful and somewhat frightening video for 5891 by Com Truise. The short film was released today and stars T.J. Hamouzas and Sarah Simmons, with animation by Nathan Sam.

5891 is a bonus track on Seth Haley’s 2011 EP Cyanide Sisters. My all-time favourite Com Truise album is 2012’s In Decay. When I was going through a bitter breakup this winter, I decided to go running, and the beautiful arcs and dips of this album ended up matching the cadences of my angry footsteps (and heaving sobs). It might sound like a strange choice for a breakup album (and I hesitate to even call it that, since it was one of those post-millenial non-relationships), but my hookup was an emotional deadbeat with excellent taste in music and introduced me to Com Truise. So thanks bud!

5891 – Com Truise (Princeton) Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Website

My favourite tracks from In Decay are all nestled around the beginning of the album and can still make me feel that wonderful sense of nostalgic sadness (even though I don’t desire to be in that emotional state anymore). It’s almost like a fracture that’s completely healed but still gets sensitive when it rains. You remember the good time you were having right before you broke your arm and for a fraction of a second, it seems like the cast was worth it.