Interview with Jay Pollard of Invocation TO


I interviewed Jay Pollard of Invocation TO (previously of Man Finds Fire) after INVOCATION TO & WAVELENGTH present: MUSIQUE FRAGILE – a soiree of solo performances by Constellation artists.

In the background, you’ll hear some live recordings I took from the performances by SALTLAND (Rebecca Foon) Nick Kuepfer, and Khôra (Matthew Ramolo).

Recorded at Huntclub on February 5th, 2015
709 College St
Toronto ON, Canada
M6G 1C2

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Should I post the bootleg recordings I took? :) Y/N

Indie-licious Tues Feb 3rd 2015


1. I Want To Hold Your Hand – Boys Age
2. The Way You Move – Brady Allard*
3. Parade – Kevin Morby
4. Midnight Order – Ando Laj*
5. Tree Well – Arbutus*
6. Hotel Blues – Last Ex*
7. Borderline – Nancy Pants*
8. Out of reach – Brave Radar*
9. Demon’s Hand – HOLY
10. Most Ghouls Agree – TRUTHERS
11. Everybody Wants Somebody – Joel Jerome
12. Trouble – The Memories
13. Glen Echo – Pisces
14. Bells – Andrew Oliver*
15. 4 Real – Body Language


New favourite: Last Ex (Simon Trottier and Olivier Fairfield of Timber Timbre)

Thanks to my friend Rachel from Debaser for sharing Last Ex‘s animated music video for Girl Seizure with me, which appears on their debut self-titled LP (October 14th 2014 via Constellation Records). Last Ex is the project of Simon Trottier and Olivier Fairfield of Timber Timbre, who create suspenseful, eerie and vaguely sinister orchestral music.

Listening to Last Ex is a bit like stumbling through a homemade haunted house; plywood structures fluttering with white bedsheets, sticking your hands into boxes filled with squirming pale noodles and peeled grapes. You’re not really sure who’s leading you around or what’ll happen next.

Last Ex was birthed from the offcuts of an abandoned horror movie score from 2012, which gives it textural dark ambience. The animation for Girl Seizure uses about 2000 drawings that were later compiled in After Effects CC, all done by Gabe Mangold, a freelance animator from Portland.

Hotel Blues is one of the best songs on the LP.

Last Ex are playing the Wavelength Music Festival (Facebook details here) at Polish Combatants’ Hall (SPK) on Saturday February 14. Treat yourself & your main squeeze – the bill also features Lowell, The Acorn, Del Bel, and ginla. The amazing DJ Garbage Body (Julie Reich of Bile Sister) will be spinning, visuals by General Chaos Visuals, doors 8pm, tickets $15 advance, all ages.

Indie-licious Tues Jan 27th 2015


1. Sea Creatures – Soak
2. Yesterdays – Only Real
3. Pacify – Jackson Scott
4. Mas Sol – Public Health
5. Happy – Nancy Pants*
6. Feeler – Sigh Down One*
7. Days – Beach Youth
8. Late Risers – Surf Rock is Dead
9. Nettles – Romantic States
10. Beginning of the End – Astral Swans*
11. SAFE PASSAGE i. Jiabai Cluster ii. Luna Moth Dances Toward Flame iii. Spem Reduxit – Special Costello*
12. Losing Ground – Special Costello*
13. Some Alcohol – Joel Jerome
14. Better Man – Baby Blue
15. Being With You – Pisces


TONIGHT: New Fries // BB Guns // Nancy Pants // Bile Sister // Nikki Fierce @ Silver Dollar

There’s a lot happening this weekend! The last two nights, I’ve been at The Gladstone and The Silver Dollar Room seeing Wolfcow (noisy experimental), Castle If (dark kraut synth), Matrox (gleeful robot synth), Tasseomancy (windswept Kate Bush), Michael Rault (boisturous jangle pop), and Slim Twig (unhinged psychedelic).

Tonight at the Silver Dollar, some of the best experimental, fun-loving ladies are colliding to feed the hungry masses for Dan Burke’s Class of 2015. Some of these bands also have dudes in them (respect all genders!) but it’s really nice to see such a female-dominated bill.

Doors at 9pm, cover $8.

Set times:

9:30 – Nikki Fierce
10:30 – BB Guns
11:20 – Nancy Pants
12:10 – New Fries
1:00 – Bile Sister

Facebook Event

Nikki Fierce (Toronto, ON) Female-fronted jams from the garage

BB Guns (Toronto, ON) Garage pop surfing the cool waves of Lake Ontario

Nancy Pants (Montreal, QC) Lo-fi ponytail pop smacking you in the eye

New Fries (Toronto, ON) No wave, no problem

Bile Sister (Toronto, ON) Cheeky avant-pop